Top Cross


Ring of Reeks

There is another ring beside the Ring of Kerry.  Widely known for cycle tours, the Ring of Reeks boasts some outstanding beauty.  There are more official maps the outline the cycle route; the map below is my own account of the path we traveled.

Ring of Kerry & Ring of Reeks

The roads in this area are very narrow, hilly and full of curves.  You are definitely off the beaten path here away from the coastal roads.  The scenery is amazing.  We happened upon a fox that was up to no good; the farmer dispatched it and hung it on a fence.  As we were traversing these roads we came upon a farmer working his dogs and baby sheep along the road from one pasture to another.  This was a welcome travel interruption and fun to watch.  A prime example of getting off the beaten path.  There is so much to see; a wonderful surprise may just be down the road a wee bit further.

Molls Gap

Top Cross

Black & Bridia Valleys


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