Looking Forward – 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

I’ve decided not to continue on with a photo a day project for 2017.  My project began three years ago in 2014.  I did not intend on continuing it past 2014, but I did for two more years :2015 & 2016.  As an avid photographer, finding and shooting subject matter wasn’t difficult.  This photo a day project wasn’t the typical  365 project where you would shoot and post a photo the same day, but rather simply posting a photo a day.  I did try to post photos within a week or two of shooting and that worked well.

[365 photo project ideas] – Have you ever done a specific and/or theme photo project?  Please share your experience in comments.

If you have never embarked on such a project I would highly recommend doing so.  For me, it kept me shooting.  I have carried my DSLR with me continuously for a several years now and still do; it just became a habit.  Having a camera with you definitely makes this type of project easier.  In this day and age – smartphones makes this even easier; I did use my smartphone at times over the last few years.  The other aspect of a project like this is it may yield unsuspecting things – illuminating subject matter that you are drawn to.  I have amassed a number of themed photo collections on my blog; the largest being a collection of vanity license plates photos – weird huh? They often amuse me.

I do continue to take part in a B&W project on a blog called Monochromia where I am a regular contributor (on Fridays) as is my lovely and talented wife, Cyndie (on Tuesdays).  If you like B&W photography, be sure to check out Monochromia.

Photo blog postings will likely lessen significantly for me in 2017 as I direct my time and efforts elsewhere for a bit.  I would like to finish up my Ireland photos from April 2016 and Colorado photos from September 2016.  Winter seems like a great time to get caught up.  I would also like to spend some time exploring the entire suite of features that the Topaz Complete Collection has to offer.

Sky Road – Clifden, County Galway, Republic of Ireland

In closing, I would like to thank all my blog followers and commenters.  I appreciate your likes and comments; It’s been a great few years of photos for me and I hope you all have enjoyed this project as well.

Have a great 2017 everyone; happy shooting!


2016-12-31 Aghart Records

Aghart Records

2016-12-30 Little Grocery

Little Grocery

2016-12-29 Lake Pepin

Lake Pepin

2016-12-28 Mississippi River

Mississippi River

2016-12-27 Snow-covered


2016-12-26 Unmarked



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