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Mouth of the Bois Brule

Back in late August of this year (2014), my wife and I were in the Duluth area to shoot a wedding.  We stayed in Brule, WI  at Brule River Classics the evening before.  We had a little time to explore before sundown.  County Road H north of Brule parallels the Brule River almost all the way to Lake Superior; Hwy 13 will take you the rest of the distance.  To get to the rivers end, Brule River Road is a short jaunt just off of Hwy 13.  We anticipate coming back this way.  This area was quite nice with plenty of opportunities to explore – including kayaking.

The reddish water was a bit of a surprise.  I had originally thought it was a muddy Brule flowing into the blue Superior, but that wasn’t the case.  The shoreline on the big lake must have consisted of this red clay; steady waves on the clay produces the color.  A beautiful location to take in a sunset.