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Tomato Factory, 1 Month Update


Sunsugar Blossoms

One month into the season and the plants are looking great.  I am really impressed with the Wisconsin 55 variety; blossoms and fruit all over the plants.  They are a bit ahead of the Early Girls, but not by much.  Dreams of BLT’s are filling my head.

LaRoma and Sunsugar varieties are getting fruit on them as well.  Most plants have grown to the top of the tomato cage and have continued on through the hog panel fence.

WI 55 Blossoms

Sunsugar Plants

LaRoma Plants

Early Girl Plants

Weather Over Tomato Jungle #time-lapse

I haven’t created as much time-lapse content as I would like.  I continue to work with my GoPro to get better at it.    I setup on the deck among the tomato jungle I created this season using the Alaskan Bucket System.

Here is new video I produced yesterday afternoon/evening:  Weather over tomato jungle.  I like the clouds most in the second half of the video.


Photo mode:  1 frame/30 seconds output @ 15 fps.