Forbes Abandoned School | ND Drift Prairie

I’ve been following Ghosts of North Dakota for a while now and have been eyeing up various locations to photograph.  This site has no shortages, but only seeming endless supply of possible places to shoot.  Cyndie and I had an opportunity recently to go to North Dakota and search for abandoned structures to shoot.  We used this site to pick out a few areas of interest to begin.  We figured that we would wander around from town to town.  We found numerous abandoned homes and farmsteads outside of the various town listed on this site.

Our first stop was Forbes, ND.  This teeny tiny town is situated right on the border of North and South Dakota in Dickey County.  The abandoned school there looked very interesting.  A bright sunny afternoon provided for some great light to photograph this wonderful mess of an abandoned school.  At some point, someone must have played some paint ball in the school or just walked around shooting paint balls everywhere.  It added a titch of interesting color to an otherwise fairly drab interior.